Backward Time Travel is the ability to only travel backwards through time. The only way for anyone with this power to go forward through time is when they return to the original point that they travelled back from.

Users Edit

Live Television Edit

  • Curtis Donovan (MisFits)
  • Friedrich Hirsh (MisFits)
  • James (MisFits)
  • Kelly Bailey (MisFits)
  • Simon Bellamy (MisFits)

Items Edit

Literature Edit

  • Time Turner (Harry Potter)

Cartoons/Comics Edit

  • Time Button (Futurama)

Live Television Edit

  • Rejuvination Shower (Red Dwarf); after being incorrectly assembled
  • Stasis Leak (Red Dwarf)

Short Films Edit

  • One Minute Time Machine (One Minute Time Machine)
  • Tent (The Tent)