Kin Kujira is a 14 year old boy from the animated show, Grojband. He has a twin brother named Kon, who is 1 year younger than him due to Kon travelling a year into the future.

Appearance Edit

Kin is a short, tin, black-haired boy, with black-rimmed glasses and black eyes. He wears a black tuxedo shirt and dark blue jeans with white and orange shoes.

Inventions and Discoveries Edit

  • Grojcar: a car powered by music
  • Kon, his brother, can do maths just by playing the drums
  • Auto-Tune Helmet: a helmet that auto-tune a person's voice
  • By him drinking soft drink, his brother can burp from it, and vice versa
  • Dream Machine: a machine that allows people to travel into another's dream
  • Time Machine: a machine that can take somebody forwards and backwards through time
  • Torbo Modifications: to make Torbo a solar-powered robot on a skateboard
  • One Man Band Pack: a backpack with the instrumnets of an entire band
  • Reverse Fusion Mixer: a machine that reverts combined entities into individual ones
  • Shrink Ray: a device which makes objects and people smaller
  • Shoeniversities: a pair of shoes which teach you as you walk
  • Bubble Machine: a machine which produces a copious amount of bubbles
  • Hologram Maker: a machine which scans things before producing a hologram of it
  • Music Funnel: a funnel allowing music to travel through water pipes
  • Face Toaster: a toaster which burns a face onto toast
  • Soul Camera: a camera that removes the soul from a person's body
  • Jammy: a sentient blob of jam

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