Kin Kujira's Time Machine is a Time Machine from the Canadian animated show Grojband. It was invented by Kin Kujira and used in the episode Ahead of Our Own Tone. It was destroyed by Trina Riffin because she wanted her brother's band, Grojband, trapped in the future forever.

Appearance Edit

The time machine is based around a wooden grandfather clock. It has two coils on either side of the top, which both have cords leading to the light bulb on the top. One side of the machine has two jewel-like ornaments above a large containment unit with a cord connecting from it.

There is an external control panel which designates when the machine will travel to.

Usage Edit

Backwards Edit

  • Sent Kin back to 1,000,000 B.C.E to create lemons which grow on plants

Forwards Edit

  • Sent Corey, Laney, and Kon 1 year into the future to see what music is like

Problems Edit

  • After returning from the past, Kin discovered that he accidently stopped lemonade from existing.